Эссе на основе таблиц для ЕГЭ по английскому. Пример эссе по теме Where teenagers spend summer


My current school project is aimed at finding out where teenagers spend summer holidays in Zetland. The project includes the results of research, in the table, that I sourced from the Internet. I will discuss the data in this essay and give my opinion on the subject.


According to the statistics, the largest group of the respondents (29%) go to the seaside. The next two groups, for sports camps and language camps respectively, are numerically identical, constituting a fifth of the total each.

The respondents from the group with the fourth rating (17%) go to the mountains for their summer holidays.


There are two notable features in the data. Firstly, the same numbers of the teenagers from the sample choose going to sports camps and language camps respectively (22% each). Secondly, the teenagers from the smallest subset (10%) said they spent summer holidays at home.


However, summer holidays can be associated with health problems. One of them is the risk of being sunburned when going on a seaside holiday. The solution to the problem is applying suntan lotion when going to sunbathe.


In conclusion, I think that summer holidays are very important for teenagers. They are always waiting for them and planning to travel and to have a break from their school routine. (213 words)

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