Примеры написания эссе. ЕГЭ английский 2021. (Эссе 2009- 2021)

Обновлено: 26 февр.

Одной из самых сложных и запутанных тем эссе на ЕГЭ по английскому языку была тема о книгах и интернете: «Books are still a better source of information than the Internet». Об этом я подробно рассказывала в своих видео, где также разбирались все особенности и тонкости написания сочинения на данную тему :




Ниже приводятся три варианта написания такого эссе, которые основаны на разных подходах.

Все тексты, объяснения и примеры написания эссе можно использовать в качестве учебного материала на курсах подготовки к ЕГЭ по английскому языку.

Пример 1

Essay Q: Books are still a better source of information than the Internet

Some people think that it is still better to look for information in books rather than online, despite the arrival of the Internet. Others disagree with that opinion.

I support those people who claim that it is still better to look for information in books than online. I think that the Internet is not better than books when trying to find information. Firstly, when people buy books in bookshops, they get exactly what they want and shop assistants help them to find the information they are searching for. On the other hand, trying to find information online is harder because when one introduces a phrase into a search engine slot, they get thousands of links and they do not know which one is the best for their needs. Secondly, when people go to a library, professional librarians make sure that readers do not spend much time and effort to find information.

Nevertheless, opponents believe that compared to books, the Internet is the better option for gaining information. The main reason is that there is a lot of free information online whereas one has to spend money on books.

I do not agree with that opinion. Firstly, public libraries are free of charge. Secondly, there is so much information available online that it is very difficult to find what you want. A search engine is no substitute for a professional librarian.

In conclusion, I think that books continue being the best option when one needs to acquire information and they are a better option than the Internet. (256)

КОММЕНТАРИЙ: Эссе на 14 баллов, полностью соответствует теме, аргументы понятные и убедительные, хотя и присутствует отрыв от реальности.

Пример 2

Essay Q: Books are still a better source of information than the Internet

Some people think that the Internet as a source of information has not achieved the quality of books yet. Others hold an opposing opinion.

I disagree with the first group of people. I believe that the internet has many more advantages than the majority of books when one needs to collect information, with the exception of scientific. On the one hand, it is faster to collect the majority of information on the Internet than from books. For example, to translate a word from one language to another or to find the timetable of the upcoming World Cup, to read job advertisements, news and biographies as well. In addition, all the information is regularly updated. On the other hand, scientific information on the Internet often includes fakes and mistakes because anyone can publish articles online without any control or supervision. It is not as reliable as facts from scientific books that are written by specialists, edited, checked and accepted by a publishing house.

Nevertheless, opponents are convinced that all books are still a better source of information than the Internet; online publications are not reliable, nobody knows authors’ names and nobody edits online information.

I do not agree with that opinion. There are a lot of official sites with trustworthy and reliable information. For example, weather.com, BBC Travel and historylearningsite.co.uk.

To conclude, I am convinced that the Internet is superior to books as a source of information in the majority of spheres and only scientific books are still the better choice when it concerns collecting scientific material (256).

КОММЕНТАРИЙ: Данная версия эссе нужна скорее студентам, которые планируют сдавать международные экзамены. К сожалению, тема эссе составлена таким образом, что возможно слишком большое количество подходов и аргументов. В этом и заключается сложность формулировки темы.

Пример 3

Essay Q: Books are still a better source of information than the Internet

Nowadays many people choose to work, study and spend their leisure time online. When it comes to acquiring information, many people believe that the Internet is better than books for that purpose too. Yet, it is a controversial idea for some.

I belong to the first group of people. I think that the Internet is better than any dictionary, directory or textbooks as a source of information. Firstly, instead of going to a physical library, schoolchildren and students use online materials to make their projects and do their homework. As a result, they save time. Secondly, adults use the convenience of Internet information searching; whether they need weather forecasts or historic facts, advice about raising small children or employment statistics. Thirdly, people with poor eyesight or physical disabilities use the Internet as the most valuable source of information. Online audio files allow the former to embrace much more information than books do because books for people with poor eyesight are rare. The latter would not have much opportunity to gain information at all if not for the Internet because they always stay at home and cannot go to a bookshop or to a library.

Nevertheless, some people argue that as a source of information books are still better than the internet. When electricity is cut off, it is impossible to go online but the books do not depend on that.

I do not agree with that opinion. My argument is that when electricity is cut off, libraries and shops do not work either.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that the Internet is better than books as a source of information. (270)

КОММЕНТАРИЙ: Данное эссе написано на основе идей, которые были предложены одной из моих подписчиц! Спасибо, Наталья! Такая аргументация является сложной для школьников, но и тема эссе составлена не очень удачно для экзамена ЕГЭ по английскому языку.

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